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Programming and Additional Resources


The Language Commons is dedicated to providing extracurricular programming to enhance language learning and multicultural engagement. To this end, we organize and sponsor a variety of events for both students and instructors.

Speaker Series: Race and Society in Global Contexts

Launched in Spring 2022, "Race and Society in Global Contexts" welcomes speakers from around the world to provide UVA students with an opportunity to learn more about how issues surrounding race and society have manifested beyond the United States.

Learn more about past and upcoming talks in the "Race and Society in Global Contexts" series here.

International Film Series

The LC International Film Series will run each Spring Semester, screening up to five films from filmmakers outside of the United States. Each semester will have a different focus, such as a single country or an overarching theme that spans regions.

Learn more about the International Film Series here.

Language Teacher Book Group

The Language Teacher Book Group welcomes interested world-language instructors to meet several times over the course of a semester to discuss a recent book on language-learning, pedagogy, instructional technology, or other topics related to teaching language.

For more information, please reach out to Emily Scida.

Last Language Standing

Our largest annual event is a competitive language challenge that pits language teams against each other to see which team can keep its language in use the longest. Last Language Standing draws 350+ students, faculty, and staff from across Grounds to use their language skills and support their language teams. 

For information on this event, please visit the Last Language Standing page.

Additional Resources

a cart of physical materials for learning

The ibtiKart Instructional Resources Cart

The ibtiKart (from: ابتكار ibtikar (Arabic): innovation) is a low-tech cart full of buzzers, white boards, play-doh, figurines, and many other supplies to support student engagement. Available to all language instructors at UVA.

See the ibtiKart guide for a list of cart resources and activity ideas.

Check out materials at any time from NCH 298 Suite (sign-out sheet is available on the cart).

Independent Language Learners

We have offered workshops to introduce learners to the world of studying languages independently, and have developed extensive resource collections for students traveling on UVA internships in multiple sites in Africa and Asia.

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