Language Commons

Spaces and Resources for Language Learning



Chad Diehl is an Instructional Designer working primarily with instructors who teach courses in world languages, literatures, and cultures to find opportunities for innovation within and outside of the classroom. He also operates the Language Commons.

Chad received his Ph.D. from the Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures at Columbia University in 2011 with a focus on Japanese history. Since then he has taught broadly on the history and literature of East Asia, including courses here at UVA on topics related to Japan ranging from the memory of WWII, postwar film, democracy, and gender and sexuality. In 2018, Chad published a book based on years of archival research he conducted while living in Japan, titled, Resurrecting Nagasaki: Reconstruction and the Formation of Atomic Narratives (link). Chad speaks Japanese and has also studied Mandarin Chinese and German. He is also a practitioner of judo, attaining the level of nidan (second-degree blackbelt) in Japan from the Kodokan before retiring from the sport in 2008.


Keith Samuels is the Language Lab Coordinator. As the Lab Coordinator he works with instructors to schedule, train, assist, support, and prepare for all activities that take place in the language lab. Prior to joining Language Design & Technology, Keith worked in IT for Re:discovery Software and spent two years working for ITS in Classroom Support at UVa. Keith has over 20 years of experience teaching and training adults and students in various forms of technology and music. Keith graduated from James Madison University and holds a Bachelor of Music degree.