Language Commons

Spaces and Resources for Language Learning


The Language Commons works to support great language teaching and learning, both in and out of the classroom. Contact us with questions, project suggestions, or to get involved! 


Activity Awards for Faculty & Students

The Language Commons is offering a limited number of Activity Awards to UVA language faculty and student organizations to promote language learning and intercultural communication outside the classroom contexts. This award (of up to $200) will support activities that promote language learning, intercultural exchange, and active inclusion of diverse and global perspectives. Full details are available on our Activity Awards page.


Augmented Reality Gaming for Language Learning

The LC staff created an Arabic language game, set in New Cabell Hall, for intermediate Arabic students. The game provides students with listening practice as they search New Cabell for clues to a mystery. Made in ARIS. An English demo is also available. Stop by the Language Commons to request an ipad and get started playing! 


Digital Resource Guides

LC Staff have put together easy-to-follow guides for tools and technologies often used in language courses, available on our Learner Resources page.


Digital Storytelling through Tours

Students and faculty can create engaging tours of local and global locales using tools like Kaltura (screencasting with maps), narrated video, and google VR Tour Creator (for 360 images and virtual reality!). Creating a digital tour engages students in valuable language practice as they develop story lines, narrate, describe, record, and present their information. Tours created by faculty and by peers can provide contextualized, visually-rich listening material for students.  Digital tours can utilize student (or faculty)-created photos and video footage, or utilize existing resources online.


Independent Language Learners

We have offered workshops to introduce learners to the world of studying languages independently, and have developed extensive resource collections for students traveling on UVA internships in  multiple sites in Africa and Asia.


Instructional Design Consultation

LC and Language Lab staff are available for consultation regarding UVA language course design, including activity development classroom space use, Language Lab use, and application of appropriate technologies. Send us an email to meet up!


Language Lab Activities Collection

Working with faculty users of the lab, Language Lab and LC staff have developed a collection of straightforward, easily-modified activity plans for use in the Language Lab. These activities focus on active, collaborative learning through pair and group work, as well as interpretive listening tasks and assessment possibilities.


Last Language Standing

Our largest annual event is a competitive language challenge that pits language teams against each other to see which team can keep its language in use the longest. Last Language Standing draws 350+ students, faculty, and staff from across grounds to use their language skills and support their language teams. 


Virtual Reality for Language Learning

We're interested in ways that faculty can incorporate VR experiences into their classes. Virtual Reality offers possibilities to engage students with meaningful, motivating experiences in which they explore new language functions and cultural content. The Language Commons has Google Cardboard and Oculus Go headsets available for use in the LC or in classes. We also have an expanding library of VR apps and videos in multiple languages, for students and faculty to access.

Inside the Language Commons, we offer access to Immerseme, a unique listening/speaking platform that utilizes 360 degree video of native speakers communicating with users from authentic locations worldwide! Stop in to try it out on any of our computers.