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Language Learning Resources & Apps

  • The Language Commons maintains online materials for students enrolled in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, and Tibetan courses at UVA (contact your instructor for sign-in access).
  • Visit our student-generated list of resources available for learning Arabic, French, German, Hindi, Spanish, and Twi
  • Learning a language not taught at UVA? The LC has developed a resource collection for independent learners of Khmer, Wolof, isiXhosa, and Hindi.
  • BBC Languages lets you choose from activities, tests, and interactive videos for 40 languages!
  • Busuu has courses for several languages. In addition to audio and writing exercises, the app offers lessons specifically on dialogue. Also offers an offline mode.
  • Duolingo has courses  for 30 languages. Start from scratch or take a placement test. 
  • Memrise includes courses of varying levels for over 40 languages, accounting for dialects and variations for some.
  • Quizlet can be very helpful for memorizing terms. The site and app include games, assessments, and flashcards that you can share with your friends. 
  • Wordreference is a useful dictionary tool, especially for romance languages.
  • Mango Languages offers conversation-focused practice in more than 70 languages, including some advanced levels and some less-commonly-taught languages. (paid)
  • uTalk offers vocabulary practice with motivating games and activities. (paid)

UVA Organizations Supporting Language & Culture Study

If you're new to world language study at UVA, we encourage you to reach out to your instructors and to the language departments to learn more about the many language conversation groups, student councils, and societies that are active on grounds!