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About the Lab

The A&S Language Lab is located in New Cabell hall room 299A. The lab opened in July of 2016 following the installation of the Sony SANS Virtuoso-Soloist System. The lab is a part of the Language Commons and managed by its parent organization, Learning Design & Technology.

The lab is open every weekday from 9am-5pm. You may contact the Language Lab Coordinator for requests that do not fall within normal hours, or if you have special circumstances that need accommodation. See "Make a Reservation" for details regarding how instructors can place reservations and insure that time in the lab is successful and productive.

The Current Configuration:

  • 24 Dell OptiPlex 7440 student PC stations
  • Central Dell OptiPlex Minitower 7040 instructor station
  • 25 SANS SHS-100 headphones
  • Two instructor monitors, mounted on a sit-stand desk
  • Three student sit and stand desks
  • Large Sharp wall monitor


Software Available in the Lab:

Lab Layout:

Each student station is numbered from 1 through 24 as shown in the diagram below. Teacher station is located in front of student stations 1-3.

Popular Lab Activities:   

  • Student paired activities in their target language
  • Conference\Group activities in the students target language
  • Collection of student individual, paired and group activities for review and assessment
  • Subtitle projects with Subtitle Edit software
  • Audio Dubbing Activities with Reaper software
  • Oral exams both individual and paired
  • Listening activities
  • Pronunciation practice


Contact us to learn more about student-centered learning activities in the Language Lab.


Getting Started in the Lab

First-time users of the lab should schedule a consultation with the Language Lab Coordinator to develop a plan for activities, and to familiarize themselves with the new technological capabilities of the various software available in the lab. Consultations are done with groups or individuals.