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    UVa Resources for Learning, Teaching, and Technology

      Tech Tools for Language Teachers

      Course Design

      • Course Design Resources
        • Backward Design an introduction to the concepts and steps of “backward design” as outlined in Wiggins & McTighe’s Understanding by Design (2005) from Vanderbilt University’s Center for Teaching.
      • McGill University's Teaching Resources a collection of teaching resources, organized thematically around core topics in teaching and learning

      Assessing Language Proficiency and Intercultural Competence

      • The Language Commons has compiled a list of common proficiency scales and assessment instruments for evaluating language proficiency and intercultural competence.

      • The Assessment and Evaluation Language Resource Center at Georgetown University "aims to provide leadership, scholarship, and outreach in the practices of FL assessment and program evaluation to foreign language teachers, program administrators, and researchers in diverse educational settings." They offer research, resources, and professional development opportunities related to language evaluation.

      Teaching Materials and Methods

      • UVA Course Materials (maintained by the Language Lab)
      • The InterCom Newsletter, produced by the University of Oregon’s Center for Applied Second Language Studies, is a weekly enewsletter that contains a curated selection of language teaching activity ideas for K-20 world language courses. Also includes recent research and professional development announcements
      • COERLL (Center for Open Educational Resources and Language Learning) features free, open access material in 16 languages 
      • Foreign Language Teaching Methods video series. "Foreign Language Teaching Methods focuses on 12 different aspects of language teaching, each taught by a different expert instructor. The site contains video footage from an actual methods course held at the University of Texas at Austin. This flexible resource is designed to be used by foreign language teachers as a component of a classroom methods course or as a stand-alone course for independent learners."


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