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Kindly note that this page will be retired in May 2017. Please contact project owners directly for more information.


Julian Connolly, Mapping St. Petersburg. 

The aim of this website is to provide students of Russian literature with a clear picture of key sites in the city of St. Petersburg mentioned in the work of some major Russian authors such as Dostoevsky, Gogol, and Nabokov.  Students can locate the site on a map, view a physical image of the site, read the relevant passage mentioning the site, and find some interpretative commentary about the site in the context of the literary work in which it appears.

Ran Zhao, Chinese Sounds & Characters Project

This program allows you to study and self-quiz your knowledge and skills of pinyin. Click below the title word (e.g., vowels) for ‘study/browse” interface. Click above the title word for the self-quiz interface.

Tsetan Nepali, Tibetan Pronunciation Tool

Tsetan Nepali (tn8c) developed a pronunciation tool that accompanies the exercises in his textbook.

Kandioura Drame, African Film Project

Kandioura Drame envisioned a tool that would allow students to make a detailed study to make a detailed study of film, while actually watching the film on a personal computer. This web application is based on SourceCat, which was a web-based database application for cataloging sources (audio files, video files, images, and texts) developed by Anne Ingram, Yitna Firdyiwek, and Jeff Holler of the Instructional Technology Group at the University of Virginia. This program was designed for students to create structured commentaries on films. It requires authentication with Uva's NetBadge sign-on, so that only the student, instructor, and webmaster can access the associated data.