Language Commons

Spaces and Resources for Language Learning

About the Lab

At a Glance

  • 24 student Dell PC computers & 1 PC teacher station
  • SANS VIRTUOSO Software for listening, speaking, and writing activities & assessments
  • Available for class reservations via our reservation system
  • Headphones with microphones available; webcams can be arranged
  • When not reserved by an instructor, the lab is open for drop-in student use
  • Please Note: there is no printer in the lab.

What can my class do in the Language Lab?

    Popular lab activities include:
  • Paired speaking practice
  • Pronunciation practice
  • Listening activities
  • Oral exams (individual and paired)
  • Instructors: laptops are available from the Lab Coordinator for checkout to create automated recordings for activities and assessments.
      Contact Lab Coordinator Michael Marsh-Soloway to learn more about student-centered learning activities in the Language Lab.


Getting Started in the Lab

Before your first class in the lab, please:
  1. Meet with Lab Coordinator Michael Marsh-Soloway (mam7cd) to discuss how the lab can support your class activities (required for new users).

  2. Attend a training session in the lab (find an upcoming training session on our Events page).

  3. Reserve the lab in our online reservation system.

  4. Prepare your files (videos, text files, audio) and any handouts needed for lab use. Contact us to be sure your files can be used in the lab.

  5. If you plan to record student work, think about how you will save recordings (you might use UVABox, bring a USB flash drive, etc).